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General Terms and Conditions

The content of the website is general information and can be modified without prior warning. Just Arrived S.à.r.l. makes no claim for the guide to be complete, nor does it make any warranty on the accuracy, relevance, reliability of the information on the website or the products and services mentioned and cannot be held responsible for the consequences if the information provided should be wrong, inexact or incomplete.

Anyone who has been correctly identified with their surname, name, email addresses or facebook, twitter, google account etc. can comment on each page, commentary or article on our website. Any comment is the opinion of the user and not that of just arrived S.à.r.l..

Placing a comment on means that you automatically and unconditionally agree to these general terms and conditions.

Personal attacks, vulgar language, swearing and insults are not permitted. The use of capital letters or repeated use of characters to reinforce an argument is not allowed. The following (non-exhaustive list) are prohibited: racism, xenophobia, discrimination and denial, libel, slander, insults, threats, identity theft, infringement of intellectual property rights. Also prohibited: using the website for publicity purposes, promotion or spam, publication or sending anything with a content which is illegal, insulting, unacceptable, threatening, inappropriate, illicit or a misuse of identity or the choice of insulting or prejudicial usernames. Users failing to adhere to these terms and conditions, may be reported by other users and the moderator reserves the right to terminate the user's participation on the forum. Comments not compliants with our Forum’s rules will be definitely removed.

By publishing or sending content (photos, videos, images, audio documents or other) on or to the website, the user certifies that they have the rights for the content, that it is not illegal, inappropriate, or insulting and to authorise Just Arrive S.à.r.l to use it.

Just Arrived S.à.r.l. is not responsible in any way for the content sent to or published on the website by the internet user nor the consequential damages from their use. The internet user agrees to be fully responsible for (and fully indemnify Just Arrived S.à.r.l.) any complaints relating to the content that they have posted.

Just Arrived S.à.r.l. reserves the right to not publish comments or small ads, to publish them at a later time or to remove them without notice. Just Arrived S.à.r.l also reserves the right to close or take legal action against accounts without prior warning and for whatever reason deemed necessary, as well as inform the competent authorities.

Certain parts of the website are only open to members and authorised users who are registered by opening an account identified by an email address and choosing a password (access code). The access code allows the user access to their JUST ARRIVED SPACE in which they can manage their profile, small ads and bookmarks. Should they forget their password, they can use the link “forgot your password” which allows the user to receive a new system generated password sent to their email address. The user is entirely responsible for the use of their access code. They agree to keep this code confidential and will inform Just Arrived S.à.r.l in case of theft or loss.

The user accepts, in the case of the small ads, that their details (telephone number and email address) will be shared with other users. Just Arrived S.à.r.l cannot not be held responsible for the use of these contact details.

Just Arrived S.à.r.l does not accept any responsibility for any loss or prejudice, however great, direct or indirect, resulting from the loss of information or profits, linked to the use of our website.

Likewise, Just Arrived S.à.r.l is in no way responsible, nor will be held responsible for the temporary unavailability of the website.

It is strictly prohibited, unless specifically approved in writing by Just Arrived S.à.r.l, to distribute or market the content of the website. It is also strictly prohibited to transfer or save the content on another website or electronic media.

We reserve the right to modify these terms and conditions without prior notice. We invite you to regularly consult this page in order to check you agree with the changes.

The internet user expressly agrees that the place of performance for all rights and obligations resulting from the current and future general terms and conditions, be they substantial or accessory, is the head office of Just Arrived S.à.r.l. The implementation and interpretation of these, and any future general terms and conditions is governed by Luxembourgish law.

Any dispute arising from the interpretation, implementation or cancellation of the current and future general terms and conditions, be they substantial or accessory fall exclusively under the jurisdiction of the Luxembourg-city courts. Just Arrived S.à.r.l, however, may renounce this competency clause and summon the user before a competent judge under ordinary law with territorial jurisdiction.