Coworking spaces Luxembourg

Are you self-employed or an entrepreneur and looking for a coworking space? 

The benefits of coworking are well established. Beyond the simple sharing of offices and logistics, it is also about creating a professional community with exchange of skills, sharing of competitiveness, optimization of productivity for self-employed people. Entrepreneurs can find there all the benefits of a company, while maintaining their autonomy.

These workspaces are increasingly developping in Luxembourg to meet the needs of entrepreneurs and the self-employed. More and more spaces are available to you in or near the Luxembourg capital.

  • Silversquare, 21 Rue Glesener in Luxembourg: collective offices and private spaces on 5 floors and more than 2,000 m². 24/7 access
  • Paladium, 10A Rue du Puis in Luxembourg: on a 300 m² space. Favours a small size for more conviviality and exchanges. Several boxes with promising names: Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, Marc Zuckerberg and our Master: Steve Jobs
  • Urban Office offers several joint work centres in Windhof near the Belgian border, in the city centre of Luxembourg, in Bettembourg near the French border, in Esch-Belval. Two other centres are announced in Windhof (800m2) and Belval (1300m2)
  • The Office: located on 2 sites, 29 Boulevard G.D. Charlotte and Boulevard Prince Henri in Luxembourg, clearly positions itself as a multilingual, multicultural and above all multi-talented community
  • Regus group, which already owns workspaces in Luxembourg, Senningerberg, Bertrange, Livange,…, opended a new coworking space “Spaces” over more than 6,000 m² at Place de la Gare. Two other spaces are expected at Boulevard Royal and at La Cloche d’Or
  • Am Gronn: this new shared workspace in the heart of Grund is dedicated to the creative sectors. Events, workshops and exhibitions.