Where to celebrate Halloween in Luxembourg?

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Halloween activities for the joy of your children

Masked ball? Creative workshops? Door to door? Although this is not strictly speaking a Luxembourgish tradition, the Halloween approach not only pleases the Anglo-Saxon community of Luxembourg, but also all children. Halloween is fast approaching and, as so often, many parents do not know what to do with their children. Just Arrived has selected for you several original ways to celebrate Halloween with your children in Luxembourg or its surroundings!

The traditional Trauliichtwochen at the Tourist Center “Robbesscheier”

Luxembourg’s traditional “trauliichtwochen” (Beet week) takes place this year from 21 October to 3 November at the Robbesscheier Tourist Center. From ancestral tradition, beetroot week consists of scrolling through the streets with “Traulichter”, ie lanterns made by hand in beets and reproducing scary faces. The bad spirits of autumn and winter are hunted so that everyone can get through the bad season and arrive in good health in the spring.

This year, the procession and animations of the Trauliichtwochen will take place on October 28th.For more information, contact Tourist Center Robbesscheier

Activities for Halloween at the Vitarium

Vitarium of Bissen offers 2 special Toussaint days. What is the program ? Games, animations, cooking and pastry workshops, gourmet buffet, grimages with Halloween face-painting and costume contest and of course a visit to the production Luxlait (also very interesting for adults and appreciated by children!). A program to occupy your children and offer them a day full of activities! For children 5 years and older. Reservation required (possible until 29/10 at tel: 250 280 222/399 or mail: info@vitarium.lu). Price: 25 euros per day and per child.

Halloween at the Kultuhaus Niederanven

If your child is not fond of costume ball or door to door, think for example to offer him to participate in a sewing workshop! This is what the cultural center of Niederanven organizes from 9.00 to 12.00 on 30 and 31 October for children from 8 to 12 years old. They will be able to benefit from the advice and the know-how of Natercia Rebelo, designer of fashion. Your children will be able to make your choice of a bat apron or a ghost blanket.More info: Kulturhaus in Niederanven -145, Trier – L-6940 Niederanven – www.khn.lu

Halloween in Walygator

From 21st to 31st October, the whole Walygator park in Amnéville, France, will be painted in the colors of Halloween with thousands of pumpkins, animated sets and street performances, the reopening of the Haunted House and a new and unique show: the Halloween Show. Saturday 28th and Tuesday 31st October will be marked by nocturnes with fireworks.

Good atmosphere assured and many surprises! Pumpkins, straw boots, animated decorations, costume staff, … everything is done to put your eyes on your children on Halloween! Until 31 October included, many events will be organized for adults, as for the little ones. The opportunity to discover or rediscover this French theme park in an original atmosphere!

In addition, everyone is invited to come disguised to have fun in the park in an atmosphere worthy of the most beautiful Halloween. Everyone is actively involved in the show!

For more information, Walygator Park – Voie Romaine – 57280 Maizières-les-Metz

Another traditionnal event when children go from door to door begging for sweets? Liichtsmessdag.

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