Where to celebrate Halloween with your kids in Luxembourg?

Fancy-dress ball? Creative workshops? Door-to-door? Although this is not strictly speaking a Luxembourgish tradition, Halloween not only pleases the Anglo-Saxon community of Luxembourg, but also all children. Halloween is fast approaching and, as usually, many parents do not know yet what to do with their children. Just Arrived has selected for you several original ways to celebrate Halloween with your children in Luxembourg or its surroundings!

Celebrating Halloween in Luxembourg

The traditional Trauliichtwochen in the Ardennes

Luxembourg’s traditional trauliichtwochen” (beetroot week) takes place this year from 22 October to 2 November at the at the Robbesscheier Tourist Centre in the Luxembourg Ardennes. As an ancestral tradition, the beetroot week consists in parading in the streets with “Traulichter“, i.e. beet home-made lanterns reproducing scary faces. With this, we chase away Autmn and Winter bad spirits so that everyone can get through the bad season and be in good health for Spring.

For more information, contact the Tourist Center Robbesscheier – 1, Frummeschgaass L-9766 Munshausen, info@touristcenter.lu

America’s Halloween tradition with the AWCL

Every year, the American Women’s Club of Luxembourg organizes the Halloween celebration in Luxembourg. Part of the profits from this celebration are donated to various local charities. Non-AWCL members can also participate, this event is open to the public. More information on the site de l’AWCL.

Halloween at Kulturhaus, Niederanven

If your child is not a fan of costume balls or door-to-door sales, consider offering him or her the chance to take part in a flower decoration workshop! This is what the Niederanven cultural centre is organising this year. Children can be creative with a Halloween theme. More info: Kulturhaus Niederanven -145, route de Trèves – L-6940 Niederanven – www.khn.lu.

Scary walk in Beaufort

How about a scary walk in the forest with your family? Organised by the Beaufort Youth Hostel on 31 October at dusk, this forest tour will end around a campfire with a small snack. Reservation required.

And what about Halloween in the Great region?

Hanlloween magic at the Han Caves

Come and experience Halloween at the Domaine des Grottes de Han in Belgium, where you can meet strange characters wandering in the Han Animal Park or in the Lair of the Trolls, a new route within the caves. For the occasion, the restaurant will also house a cemetery for the undead. The events are scheduled from 22 October to 6 November.

Halloween at Walygator

From October 15 , the entireWalygator park in Amnéville, France, is dressed in Halloween colours with thousands of pumpkins, animated sets and street shows, the Haunted House, the cursed labyrinth and a new show: the Monster Show. 22 and 31 October will be marked by nocturnal events with special animations such as the burning of the haunted house and a fireworks display.
Good atmosphere guaranteed and many surprises! Pumpkins, straw boots, animated sets, costumed staff,… everything is done to impress your children on Halloween! The opportunity to make them discover or rediscover this French amusement park in an original atmosphere!
In addition, everyone is invited to come in disguise to have fun in the park in an atmosphere worthy of the most beautiful Halloween parties!

Europa-Park in Halloween colours

From 1 October to 6 November, Europa Park in Germany is also going Halloween style. Add even more spooky moments to your stay in the park!

Another traditionnal event when children go from door to door begging for sweets: Liichtsmessdag.

We list here many ideas to go out with your children.