Where to buy tickets and subscriptions?

You can buy a subscription for public transportation at the AVL subscriptions office, at the Centrale de Mobilité (Luxembourg central station), at the CFL counters in stations and TICE, at P+R Bouillon and in Post post offices. You have the choice between a monthly and an annual subscription.

The mkaart, a public transport pass

The mKaart is a very functional plastic ship card the size of a credit card, on which tickets valid on all the Luxembourg public transports network can be charged up elecronically.

The mKaart is free for all the students up to 30 years old on presentation of a school certificate.

The mKaart card is valid on all the lines run by the 4 Luxembourg public transport networks, namely: AVL, RGTR, TICE and CFL.

Did you know that you could also access mBox secured bike parks or public terminals for electric cars with your mKaart card?

mShop: recharging your tickets on the Internet

Have you ever forgotten to verify the validity of your subscription, skipped recharging your card before going home after work or missed a train because the counter you were waiting at was already saturated?
Thanks to Mshop.lu, you do not need to go to the station counter to recharge your Mkaart or to buy your tickets. You only need an Internet connection and a user account on the Mshop.lu website.

Then, it is very simple: you recharge your card of transport wherever you want, whenever you want and without moving. Once you bought the product, you just have to validate him(it) from the next day with a border “pick-up”, on a quay(platform), and it’s done!

M-Ticket App, to buy your tickets on your Smartphone

Created by the Community of Transport “Verkéiersverbond”, M-Ticket is a cunning application, to facilitate the use of the public transports of the Luxembourg. In your smartphones!

Download the M-Ticket application and buy your tickets for public transports from your Smartphone.
Pay by Digicash or Flashiz in a totally reassured way and use your Smartphone as ticket to move you. Simple, free and so practical!

For more information on train journeys, it is here.

For more information on transport by bus, follow this link.

System of payment SMS4Ticket

SMS4TicketSMS4Ticket is a system of payment for the City of Luxembourg public transportation. The purchase of a bus ticket is performed by means of a Luxembourg mobile phone, and the payment is transferred on your phone invoice.

Send a SMS to the following number: 64222 (max. 25cts per text), indicating the letter corresponding to the type of ticket you need (example: A for a short duration ticket). The system confirms you the purchase of the ticket via SMS, which can be used as evidence in case of control. Thus assure that your telephone is fully charged!
Price for the SMS of request: 25cts instead of 12cts. Free confirmation. Price for the ticket: €2. Two free tickets for the purchase of a virtual book of 14 tickets.
What we like: the practicality and the innovation of the various systems, the time gain and the secure payment!

Mobiliteit.lu application on your smartphone

Download the Mobiliteit.lu application on your smartphone to inquire about the public transportation timetables, in real time.

Find out more on mobiliteit.lu