Autobus LuxembourgYou have just arrived in Luxembourg and want to discover its policy regarding public transportation ? You need to know that there are several ways to travel without paying !
Below, Just Arrived quotes the different conditions to benefit from free transport in Luxembourg.

Free public transportation for children younger than 12

In Luxembourg, since August 1st, 2018, every child and young person under the age of 20 can use public transport for free, without a ticket. They will nevertheless have to provide an ID to justify their age if necessary.

They may therefore travel by train or by bus without paying on the whole territory. Nevertheless, please note that children aged under 4 years must be accompanied by a person over 12 years to travel on the network.

Free shuttles between school and home

High school and secondary system students, even studying abroad, who are at the beginning of their school year can also benefit from free transport between their institution of instruction and their home (or their border point).

To do this, students should ask for their “student MyCard”, issued either by the educational institutions in Luxembourg, either by the Ministry of National Education, Childhood and Youth if the educational institution is located abroad. Students aged over 30 years can no longer benefit from this offer. This card is valid for one academic year, from the1st September to the 20th July. Its use is prohibited during the school summer holidays. However, exceptions may be granted to students who follow remedial courses during these holidays.

Free Mkaart for students up to 30

Students up to 30 years of age can benefit from free Mkaart upon presentation at the counter of a certificate of education at a university or higher education institution in Luxembourg or abroad.

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