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Thirty years ago, the Berlin Wall fell…

Remember 30 years ago, on November 9th, the Berlin Wall fell. Driven by the East German population determined to move west and find families and friends, a whole piece of history was falling…

The fall of the Berlin Wall

A few years earlier, Mickhail Gorbachev initiated Glasnost and Perestroika in the Soviet Union. Following, the Hungarian leaders authorised the opening of the Austrian border. That’s the flaw in the east block.  Under pressure from the people, the DDR soon after authorized its nationals to travel. After 50 years of Germany’s separation in two, millions of East Germans wish to join their family and friends in the West. On the night of 9 November to 10 November in Berlin, in front of the thousands of people massed at the foot of the Wall, the border guards opened the doors. It’s the Fall of the Berlin Wall!  

With the fall of the Wall, the whole face of Europe is shaken. Germany is one country again. Many East Germans join their families. They leave their region and their memories to start a new life elsewhere, including Luxembourg. And today, many nationals from the former Eastern European countries are living in the Grand Duchy or the Greater Region.

Commemorations of the fall of the Berlin Wall

The Pierre Werner Institute, in association with the EDIC of the University of Luxembourg and the Luxembourg Center for Contemporary and Digital History (C²DH), commemorates this event at Neumunster Abbey over 2 days:

Admission is free.

Where to see the Wall in Luxembourg?

Piece of the Berlin Wall in Schengen Luxembourg


Did you know that a piece of the Wall can be seen in Luxembourg? Since 2010, the city of Schengen has been hosting a piece of the famous “Mauer”. Located on the banks of the Moselle, opposite the European Centre. It is time to visit this beautiful region of the Moselle Valley, especially in autumn.

In Bastogne (Belgium), the War Museum commemorates this event by hosting fragments of the Berlin Wall until January 2020, through the exhibition “Art Liberty. From the Berlin Wall to Street Art”. Feel free to visit it.

And then, we we are pleased to share the initiative of one of our fan to the JAA Club, born in DDR on November 9 and based in Luxembourg. She is looking for other DDR natives via our Facebook page JAAClub. So Happy Birthday to her and we hope she will receive many messages!