9 things to see and do in Luxembourg!

With the warm weather finally here, how about discovering Luxembourg? With the summer vacations and sunny weekends upon us, you can finally get to know the must-see and must-visit places in Luxembourg? The country has many facets. All are worth a visit. We’ve selected 9 must-see places to visit in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg!

1. Immerse yourself in nature in Esch-Sur-Sûre

A real natural jewel, Esch-Sur-Sûre is undoubtedly the most popular nature spot in Luxembourg. Located in the heights, in the north of the Grand Duchy, this area is a real haven of peace for nature lovers. Esch-Sur-Sûre is the destination par excellence for people who want to get away from it all, with its large lake surrounded by green valleys.

The Insenborn lake is very famous when the weather is nice. Its waters offer the possibility to swim and its banks to have barbecues. By car or on foot, the walks are worth it! This place is a sure value that represents so well Luxembourg and its splendid nature.

2. Fall under the spell of Mélusine and the Grund in Luxembourg-City

The Grund is one of the most beautiful districts of Luxembourg. Very pleasant to visit, it is representative of the history of the Luxembourg capital. Thanks to its sometimes bucolic, sometimes urban scenery, the district is very relaxing. The small historic cobbled streets along the Alzette are the charm of this typical district. The district is a Unesco World Heritage Site.

Quiet and free of traffic, the Grund is a real breathing bubble. It is ideal to recharge your batteries in the heart of the capital. You will find small stores, bars and restaurants, as well as several cultural organizations. It is one of the liveliest neighborhoods to go out at night.

3. Dance and sing at the Rockhal

Near Esch-sur-Alzette in the south of Luxembourg, the Rockhal is a cultural place not to be missed for all music and concert lovers. The biggest international names follow one another.

Located in Belval on the former industrial sites of the blast furnaces, witness to the country’s mining past, this concert hall welcomes the greatest international artists to the Grand Duchy.

Each year, the offer of shows is wide and varied. You will be able to see the most fashionable artists of the moment. Pleasant and easily accessible by public transportation, the Rockhal is surrounded by small restaurants to eat or drink before or after a concert.

4. “Bubble up on a boat on the Moselle

If you want to feel like you’re on vacation without leaving Luxembourg, then take a boat trip on the Moselle! You can enjoy an unusual and very pleasant activity. A quiet way to discover a facet of Luxembourg that is still little known to the general public.

Luxembourg is rich in activities to do in the middle of nature. This is one of the most popular water rides. There is nothing better when the weather is nice, than to enjoy a pleasure boat trip. You can also stroll along the banks of the Moselle.

Take advantage of this opportunity to taste the Moselle fry in an environment as welcoming as it is exotic!

5. Walk through Luxembourg’s little Switzerland

Located in the east of Luxembourg, the “little Luxembourg Switzerland” also called the Müllerthal, is a real natural jewel of the Grand Duchy. Very appreciated for its environment and its green valleys, the small Switzerland of Luxembourg is the ideal place to meet for lovers of hiking or cycling in the middle of nature.

The Müllertrail is a 112 kilometer long circuit between rocks and forest, with magnificent views. A real breath of nature in the country! And if you are a great (very great!) sportsman, participate in the Müllerthal trail.

6. Relive the history in the casemates of the Bock and the Pétrusse

Luxembourg is a city where you will find Vauban fortifications. The Casemates du Bock and de la Pétrusse are 23 km long underground galleries, crossing the whole of the old fortress of Luxembourg.

Thanks to their location and their strong historical past, the Casemates are a very good way to discover thehistory of Luxembourg from another angle. Built from 1644, the casemates sheltered the population during the air raids of the First World War.

Thanks to the openings in the walls of the galleries dug in the rock, you will see all the facets of the architectural heritage. An original and atypical look at the city of Luxembourg.

A great activity to do with adults, or with the family to discover the country when you arrive in the Grand Duchy!

7. Cultivate yourself at the MUDAM, Luxembourg’s museum of modern art

If you are an art lover, the Museum of Modern Art Mudam is without a doubt the ideal cultural place to visit. Its architecture and location are almost as surprising as the incredible collection of works displayed on 3 floors.

Located on the Kirchberg plateau, in the Dräi Eechelen Park, against the Thungen Fort, the Mudam has a contemporary architecture. It blends perfectly with the green environment in which it is located. Designed by the Chinese-American architect Ieoh Ming Pei in 2006, Mudam is considered the capital’s must-see museum.

Very popular, his collection is often renewed. The MUDAM offers the best of contemporary art from here and elsewhere, all disciplines included.

The museum offers tailor-made tours (for groups, families, schools or children). It is open from Wednesday to Friday from 11am to 8pm and from Saturday to Monday from 11am to 6pm. Don’t miss the Sunday brunch!

8. Find a child’s soul at the Wonder Park of Bettembourg

If you have children, the Bettembourg Wonder Park is the place to be for family outings .

There, you will have the opportunity to enjoy good times, in a natural setting, surrounded by animals and activities for children. You will be able to observe monkeys, bats, birds, rodents, reptiles, … as many animals from the 5 continents. You will find a mini-golf course, adventure circuits and numerous playgrounds.

Much more accessible than a zoo in terms of price, the Merveilleux park in Luxembourg is a place where children and their parents can relax. Not to be missed!

9. Stroll through Luxembourg City, a Unesco World Heritage Site

The capital of Luxembourg is also a must-see place as soon as you arrive. Surprising with its different districts each with their own specificities and its amazing landscapes, Luxembourg is a city with many facets. So take advantage of the small size of the capital to take a day and stroll around.

Driving through the city of Luxembourg, you’ll be able to see industrial decors in the Hollerich district . Luxembourg is also ideal for luxury shopping in the beautiful alleyways of the Ville-Haute.

You can also enjoy thelively station area . A little too hot? Stroll through the Grund, with its rustic, leafy atmosphere. Don’t forget to finish your visit with a drink on the banks of the Clausen.

During your city tour, you will be able to see the many statues and historical buildings of the city that form its rich heritage.

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