Guide Just Arrived Luxembourg, the essential handbook for new arrivals

New guide Just Arrived 2023-2024

The 10th and latest edition of the guide for new residents to Luxembourg has just been published. Once again, newcomers will find all the information they need to take their first steps in Luxembourg. : administrative procedures, finding housing or a job, schooling for children, ….

The Just Arrived guide is available in two versions: English and French. In a very practical format, it comprises 232 pages with a dozen very useful chapters for all residents and workers in Luxembourg:

  • Lodging,
  • Settling in,
  • Work,
  • Getting around,
  • Living day to day,
  • Health and wellness,
  • Children and schooling,
  • Sports and leisure,
  • Discover and escape,
  • Integrate.

A free, comprehensive integration manual

Since 2005, the Just Arrived Guide has been the ideal tool for newcomers to Luxembourg, whatever their nationality.

The Luxembourg Just Arrived installation manual is very comprehensive.

Each new edition of the Guide n°1 of the installation in Luxembourg receives a particular attention. This practical guide is updated and published every two years. The goal? Providing information to help expatriates and their families settle in Luxembourg. Cross-border workers will also find their bearings here..

This handbook, published by expatriates in Luxembourg, gives all the explanations you need to help you complete the basic administrative formalities, settle in, live and integrate.

The Just Arrived guide for new residents and cross-border commuters is free of charge.

Over 15,000 copies are distributed free of charge. Companies can make it available to new employees who have recently arrived in Luxembourg. Individuals can also pick it up at our various distribution points in Luxembourg or download it from our website. Every year, over 10,000 international visitors download its online electronic version.

Practical advice and information

Our practical Just Arrived guide is packed with practical information, tips and useful addresses in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

Still in a very practical format, this manual is designed and produced by expatriates living in Luxembourg. It provides foreign residents with essential reference points to help them find their way around, and useful information to facilitate their day-to-day lives.

Readers will find all the information, tips and tricks in this guide. Finding and setting up your home, looking for a job, opening a bank account, setting up your home, shopping, … become easier.

In addition to administrative support and practical day-to-day advice, socialization and conviviality also figure prominently, with a review of cultural attractions, sports activities or ideas for a getaway.

Luxembourg, land of immigration

Every year, Luxembourg welcomes more than 20,000 newcomers to its soil. In 2021, 25,321 people arrived in Luxembourg. The foreign population represents today more than 47% of the total population, without counting the dual nationalities acquired by naturalization.