Selective waste sorting in Luxembourg: what colour bin?

At a more and more vigilant time to preserve our planet, here is a little reminder to sort your waste correctly. Several different coloured bins are at your disposal. How to find your way around?

Grey bin, household waste

The grey bin is designed to collect all your non-recyclable residual household waste for incineration.

Collected every week by your municipality, do not throw in the metal or hazardous materials that will be collected in the rubbish bin such as batteries, car batteries, printer toner, …
On the other hand, this bin will gladly receive tissues, paper napkins, cooking paper, plastic packaging that is otherwise refused, 

Blue bin for paper and cardboard

Also collected weekly, this bin is designed to receive your paper and cardboard waste. They will then be recycled as long as these materials are clean!

You can throw away old newspapers or magazines, various leaflets, books (think of exchange places such as book cupboards), school notebooks, …

However, do not throw in pizza boxes, baking papers, receipts, soiled, waxed or laminated paper. 

Waste bin for glass (green in Luxembourg)

This bin is designed to collect glass only as empty glass bottles. Remember to remove caps, lids or sleeves made of other materials such as metal or plastic.

All other types of glass such as glass panes, mirrors, but also earthenware or ceramic dishes or plates, light bulbs and full bottles should not be thrown in this bin.

Bins for biodegradable waste (brown colour in Luxembourg)

This bin collects all your kitchen waste such as food scraps, spoiled food, tea bags, coffee grounds, … Garden waste (except woody wood), flowers (except roses), plants, grass and small animal droppings can also be thrown in. Biodegradable bags can also be put there.

Conversely, all garden waste made of wood, plant soil, grease and other oils, ashes, coal, cigarette butts, as well as cat litter or baby diapers cannot be thrown there. 

PMC packaging in Valorlux blue bag

These bags are designed to collect all PMC waste such as plastic bottles and flasks (milk, shower gel, shampoo, …) as well as your metal packaging such as cans. Also beverage cartons such as Tetrapak can be placed in these bags.

On the other hand, make sure that you do not throw plastic bags, polystyrene, plastic toys, aluminium foil or plastic bottles that have contained toxic substances. Similarly, yoghurt pots and plastic packaging such as ham cannot be disposed of in these containers.

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Let’s make sure we preserve our planet for ourselves and future generations.