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For many years in the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg, real estate prices have been rising. Through this article, experts from the real estate group Engel & Völkers offer you an analysis of rentals prices within the capital. How ranks Luxembourg-City compared to other financial centres in Europe? Are there major differences within the capital itself? What are the market trends for the coming years?

Luxembourg city is very competitive compared to other European capitals

According to a report published by the international ECA, Luxembourg is the 11th most expensive city in Europe in terms of property rents. Not surprisingly, London maintains the first place in the ranking, followed by Moscow and Zurich. The most expensive capital has an average rent of £3,693, or €4,177 per month for an apartment. Located in the heart of Europe, Luxembourg appears to be a very competitive city. Indeed, rentals remain affordable compared to other European financial centres. In 2017, the average rent was 1.444€ for an apartment.

Average rent per district in Luxembourg City

However, we can observe certain disparities within the capital. Generally speaking, the trend follows the price per square metre on sales: the most expensive neighbourhoods are also the most expensive in terms of rental. At the top of the list, we find without surprise the Grund, where rental properties are very rare. Monitoring of Limpertsberg and the city centre.

Grund Average rent ≈ 2.610 €

Limpertsberg Average rent ≈ 2.370 €

Center Average rent ≈ 2.300 €

Merl Average rent ≈ 2.270 €

Belair Average rent ≈ 2.010 €

Kirchberg Average rent ≈ 2.000 €

Hollerich Average rent ≈ 1.950 €

Cents Average rent ≈ 1.930 €

Beggen Average rent ≈ 1.830 €

Cessange Average rent ≈ 1.670 €

Station Average rent ≈ 1.680 €

Gasperich Average rent ≈ 1.650 €

Mid-term market trends for the rental market

In the coming years, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg expects a population influx related to the growth of its economic and financial centre. First, newcomers tend to rent to familiarize themselves with the country. Therefore, the demand for properties is expected to increase considerably. Although many, the new projects will certainly not be enough to meet this growing demand. Rents will therefore tend to increase in the city but also in the other regions of the Grand-Duchy.

Which district to choose to live in the city of Luxembourg ?

Glimpse of the City of Luxembourg’s various districts


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