Reimbursement of health care in Luxembourg: what is changing in 2018?

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In 2018, the insureds of the Luxembourgish CNS will see the health care better reimbursed by their health insurance.

If the precise dates of actual changes in health care reimbursements are not yet known, we already know that in 2018, children will now benefit from 100% reimbursement instead of 88% on acts and services. speech therapy, psychomotility, as well as nursing and / or physician-administered care.

In terms of lymphatic drainage care, there is also a change: prescription sessions are increased from 8 to 24 sessions, while compression stockings can now be purchased by 2 pairs every 12 months instead of one. pair every 6 months. As for joint prostheses, they can be renewed every 12 years instead of every 15 years.

In addition, the conventions and nomenclatures of other liberal professions such as dieticians, chiropodists, midwives and psychotherapists will be revised.

Similarly, osteopaths will now see their profession regulated and must now obtain a license from the Ministry of Health. The study of the possible reimbursement of care will be studied later by the CNS.

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