How to register your vehicle in Luxembourg?

Just landed in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, you’ve just unpacked your bags and enrolled your children in their new school. So what’s the next step? Your vehicle. You will need to have your driving licence recognised, have your vehicle insured, and register it in Luxembourg.

In this article, we tell you everything you need to know about the formalities to follow to register your vehicle. Then you’ll be free to drive around legally!

Reserve your brand new number plate

Reserving your number plate in Luxembourg


As soon as you move to the Grand Duchy, your vehicle must have a brand new number plate to be able to travel the country’s roads. You have 6 months to change your plate, which can be personalised.

How do you get a new registration number?

 Visit MyGuichet to reserve your registration number. There are two types of registration numbers:

  • The numbers of the current series: preferred by drivers who do not have specific requirements, this number consists of 2 letters and 4 digits and follows the order of the proposed registrations. It is assigned to a vehicle throughout its lifetime.
  • Personalised numbers: drivers who care a lot about the look of their car prefer to choose an original plate. It belongs exclusively to its owner who has the possibility to transfer it to another driver. However, you will have to pay an additional €50 for a tax stamp compared to a current serial number and €24 if you have to have the same number plate redone.

How do you get a personalised plate?

Do you want to stand out with a custom-made number plate? Drivers love this popular practice in Luxembourg and proudly display their vehicles.

 All the rage because of their aesthetic appeal, the personalised plate also has another advantage: it makes it easier to memorise the number and identify the vehicle parked in a car park in the Grand Duchy. A solution that makes your life easier!

 Do you want a 4-digit number? You will have to put your name on a waiting list because they have all been assigned. It’s up to you to be creative and imagine a plate that is not a victim of its success. A tip: propose a 5-digit number or a combination of 2 letters and 4 digits. Hopefully the plate you want will not be assigned yet.

 To save time and help you compose your personalised number plate, go to MyGuichet. You can check the availability of your registration number.

Requesting a registration certificate 

Applying for a registration certificate in Luxembourg


 Have you reserved your plate on MyGuichet? The next step is apply for your registration certificate from the Société nationale de circulation automobile (SNCA). This body is responsible for all vehicle registrations in Luxembourg under the authority of the Luxembourg Ministry of Transport.

 How to obtain a registration certificate?

 By visiting the SNCA website, you can obtain the registration certificate application form >. Once completed, the document can be returned by mail or dropped off at the SNCA reception desk.

It is also possible to meet them and make an appointment via their website.

 At the same time, you will need to take our car insurance with an insurance company authorised to practise in Luxembourg. What’s more, to certify the legal situation of your vehicle in the country, it must be cleared through customs and issued a 705 vignette.

 To do so, go to one of the 3 Customs and Excise Administration Centres located in Gasperich, Grevenmarcher or Diekirch.

 Here is the list of documents you need to compile to prepare the file to be submitted to the SNCA:

  •  The registration certificate application form, duly completed and signed;
  • A copy of your ID;
  • The invoice for your vehicle;
  • The insurance certificate issued by an insurer authorised to practise in Luxembourg;
  • The 705 vignette (customs paper)
  • A valid MOT certificate for your vehicle (attesting its roadworthiness);
  • The European certificate of conformity for vehicles registered as from 1 February 2016;
  • The foreign registration document;
  • A “chancery duty” tax stamp worth € 50
  • Optional: an additional stamp worth € 50 (if you have opted for a personalised number plate).

The last step after you have obtained your registration certificate: use an approved manufacturer to make your new plates. Here is the list of number plate manufacturers in Luxembourg.

Registration service, what does AXA Luxembourg offer?

Do you want to save precious time by avoiding administrative formalities? AXA Luxembourg offers you a OptiDrive insurance contract which entitles you to a Registration service with preferential rates. The advantages? We collect your car and return it to you registered in line with Luxembourg law.