Vauban&Fort, live in a dynamic and friendly community

Vauban&Fort is a pioneer of Coliving in Luxembourg since 2015. The company focuses on creating real homes away from home for young and dynamic international professionals. We offer more than just a room by building trusted communities of like-minded individuals who share the flat/house together. We guarantee:

Community-driven homes
We build a thriving community through carefully selecting individual members

Beautiful and furnished rooms
Located in the best areas in Luxembourg city, we create beautiful places that feel just like home.

ALL-IN formula
For a carefree easy living. Once you join we sort out all the rest, incl. professional maintenance

Our typical tenants are young international professionals (22-42) who are respectful, social and clean. We focus on quality flatshares and spend time looking for the right people to live together and feel at home.

A minimum rental contract of 5 months allows to build a dynamic and friendly community but most tenants stay much longer, on average about 18 months+.

Our experience-orientated housing offers an all-in formula and easy onboarding process. Our tenants are coming to Luxembourg from all over the world and processes until the move-in can be done remotely.

For more details contact our team and/or follow us on social media IG vaubanfort_coliving!

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