Valley of the Seven Castles

The Vallée des Sept Châteaux in Luxembourg will bring you to see 7 impressive and very different castles, witnesses of the history of Luxembourg. The “Valley of Seven Castles” has many impressive buildings, some of which have been fully restored. Some may be visited, others will be seen from outside.

The seven castles are located in Koerich, Septfontaines, Ansemburg, Hollenfels, Schoenfels and Mersch.

  • Hollenfels and its 11th century castle, today a youth activity center with a youth hostel nearby
  • Ansembourg and its 2 castles: the Grand Ch¨teau which is in a Baroque style and dating from the 17th century with a French garden that can be visited when the castle is not occupied. The Old Castle of the 12th century is a private property and visible from the town only
  • Koerich and his impressive dungeon in ruins from the 13th century
  • Mersch and its castle dating from the 13th century
  • Septfontaines overlooking the village and inaccessible
  • Schoenfels and its feudal castle dating from the 15th century. Today only the dungeon remains.

The 7 castles can be the object of a road trip of 24 km in very beautiful landscapes. Possibility to follow the pedestrian or cycle path along the Eisch Valley (37 km) for a beautiful hike. The Eisch Valley was once a place of steel production. One can still find there caves in which lived families of minors. The Eisch Valley is today a protected natural area.

Do you know the Clervaux Castle and the Vianden Castle ?

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