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United Business Institutes Luxembourg

Apply for a Bachelor (Hons) Business Studies at United Business Institutes in Luxembourg

Since its creation in 1992, UBI is present worldwide through 3 campuses: in Luxembourg, Brussels and Shanghai.

A British diploma recognized worldwide in Luxembourg

Thanks to our partnership with Middlesex University London, UBI students have the opportunity to obtain a British degree in Luxembourg. Our Bachelor (Hons.) Business Studies programme aims to develop all the knowledge, experience and critical thinking skills needed for the professional world.

A professional degree

UBI’s courses are carefully designed to expose our students to modern business practices, managerial thinking, and the essential tools they need to enter the workforce. In addition to the course content, we are proud to partner with professors who are industry experts, bringing their experiences, valuable insights and passions to our students.

Our unique learning environment, personal teaching methodologies, and small class sizes allow us to dive into in-depth classroom discussions and provide tutoring to a close-knit community of students, faculty, and alumni.

Internships, immersion programs and professional events

As part of our program, students are required to complete annual internships to expose them to the business world. UBI is continually seeking to form partnerships with all kinds of institutions to not only increase the chances of our students finding quality internships, but also to attend professional events/seminars.

In addition, we offer annual immersion programs to our students that consist of professional, academic and cultural experiences in a different metropolitan city around the world.

At UBI, we believe that this holistic approach to university study is best suited to developing the academic, practical and transferable skills of our students.

For more information, please contact UBI Luxembourg!

Email : vincent.tam@ubi.edu

Telephone: +(352) 27 99 01 82

Website: www.ubi.edu

Social networks: @UnitedBusinessInstitutes

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