Tony Neuman Park Limpertsberg

The Tony Neuman Garden was built in 1946 by Alphonse Hollman to create an arboretum in the park of the villa, owned by the president of Arbed. This wooded and flowery park has the particularity of counting monumental trees like redwoods and is very well maintained.

There are also large expanses of grass to relax and a playground for children. This park located in the district of Limpertsberg.

This garden is best known for its modern sculptures, some made by some famous local artists.

It should also be known that in the late 19th and early 20th century, Limpertsberg was known for its rose fields which were exported all over the world and in the major European courts. Today the Circuit des Roses proposed by the Tourist Office of the City of Luxembourg allows you to walk along the streets of Limpertsberg to discover its hidden treasures, including Tony Neuman Park.

The place is very quiet because little frequented. The main entrance is in the Avenue de la Faiencerie near the number 162A.

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  • Av. de la Faïencerie
    1511 Luxembourg-Limpertsberg