Swimming pool in the town of Luxembourg

For swimming or relaxation in an aquatic environment lovers, there are several municipal swimming pools in Luxembourg, including the beautiful Badanstalt of Rue des Bains.

Badanstalt Aquatic Center

The Badanstalt is the establishment hosting the former municipal baths of the City of Luxembourg. From its past, this pool still presents an ancient charm and now offers all the modern facilities of a pool and a water relaxation center.
Located right in the city center, right next to the Royal Boulevard, you will find a swimming pool, water jets and whirlpools. For the relaxation, this establishment is true place of relaxation with a water circuit as one can find in thalasso, saunas (schedules men / women / mixed), 1 hammams, bath-showers, baths, a solarium and a room fitness. Massages are also available.

12 Rue des Bains L-1212 Luxembourg-Center Tel: +352 47 96 25 50

Municipal swimming pool Merl / Belair

The municipal swimming pool of Luxembourg-Belair has a large swimming pool in the shape of an “L”. The largest rectangular section of 25 x 12.5 m and a depth of 2m is reserved for experienced swimmers. The smallest square portion of 12.5 x 15.5 m and a depth of 83 cm to 108 cm is intended for learning.

Rue d’Ostende 1539 Luxembourg-Belair Tel: +352 47 96 49 82

Municipal swimming pool of Bonnevoie

This large swimming pool located in the district of Bonnevoie offers a modern infrastructure with a large pool of depth between 1.80 and 3.80 m, and a small pool from 0.65 to 1.25 m deep.

A weight room, a sauna, a solarium, a sweat bath and a cafeteria are also available. It is possible to take swimming lessons, however waiting list can be very long.

30, r. Sigismond 2537 Luxembourg-Bonnevoie Tel: +352 47 96 34 71

The municipal swimming pools of the City of Luxembourg are closed on public holidays.

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  • 12, r. des Bains
    1212 Luxembourg-Centre

  • +352 47 96 25 50