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Private English speaking school

Situated in Luxembourg-Hamm, Saint Georges school welcomes the children from 3 to 18+ (at the end of the secondary school). The course is based on the program of the “National Curriculum of England and Wales”. Saint Georges is the oldest English school of Luxembourg. Its 25th anniversary was celebrated in 2016.

With 55 nationalities represented within the school, St Georges attaches importance to the cultural coeducation which is also reflected in the artistic programs. Indeed, music, art and theatre are central in the school program, such as the promotion of events, what contributes to strengthen the sense of cohesion. On 55 clubs existing in the school, 18 are dedicated to sports activities.

At 16 years old, the students take the IGCSE and GCSE exams (International General Certificate of Secondary Education). At 18 years old, the students take the level A examinations (advanced level) to go to university. The school is affiliated to Cambridge University and to the “Edexcel” institution which works as a judging panel.

With success rates close to 100% during the exams, the students graduating from Saint Georges mainly integrate English-speaking universities in England, in Holland and in the Northern countries of Europe (Denmark for example).

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  • 11, r. des Peupliers
    2328 Luxembourg-Hamm

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