Special Education

Special Education is a service under the authority of the Ministry of National Education for Childhood and Youth in Luxembourg and takes in charge pupils with special educational needs, such as children with a disability or a handicap.

14 schools and 21 specialized teams on the Luxembourg territory aim to take charge of pupils under 16 who can not follow classical Luxembourgish education because of a particularity affecting their mental or motor abilities, their character or sensory dispositions .

This work is done in connection with the Center for Speech Therapy, schools for children who are deaf or hard of hearing, or who have a speech impairment, or with one of the many specialized institutes for children with special needs, visually impaired or with severe behavioral problems, autistic or psychotic, disabled or cerebral handicaped, etc.

You will find more information on this welcome and differentiated education program, as well as the list of regional centers and specialized institutes on the subject on guichet.lu

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