Spanish and Catalan associations and cultural centres

Federation of Spanish Associations of Luxembourg FAEL

Created in the late 70s, the association FAEL, Federation of Spanish Speaking People in Luxembourg aims to federate and defend the interests of Spaniards living in Luxembourg,First Spanish migrants arrived in the Grand Duchy at the Franco period.

One of the key projects of this association is to keep alive the memory of the immigrants in Luxembourg, those who remained on the spot and those who went back to Spain, through personal documents.

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Luxembourg-Spain Association

The aim of this association is to promote Spanish culture in Luxembourg and to promote intercultural exchanges between the 2 nations and communities.

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Circulo Cultural Espanol Antonio Machado

The Circulo Cultural Espanol Antonio Machado is a non-profit organization with a wide range of activities aimed at promoting Spanish culture in Luxembourg.

  • Cultural center with library and media library of Spanish books and media
  • Theatrical performances, concerts, exhibitions, conferences, seminars, ….

Located in Luxembourg-Gare, for more information on the Spanish Cultural Center in Luxembourg:

Centre Català in Luxembourg

The Catalan Center of Luxembourg exists since 1987. It was created to make known the Catalan culture in the Grand-Duchy through various events related to Catalan culture such as concerts, conferences, exhibitions, language courses or of dance, ….

The Catalan Center in Luxembourg is also willing to partner with other organizations and associations to fight against any discrimination or social exclusion. The CCL thus actively contributes to the activities proposed by CLAE.

The CCL is an active member of the International Federation of Catalan Associations.

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More information on associations for integration in Luxembourg and the Luxembourg integration policy.

To meet or learn more about the Spanish community or other communities in Luxembourg, contact the JAA Clubo

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