Shopping Center City Concorde Bertrange

First shopping center to open in Luxembourg in 1974, City Concorde is located in Bertrange and near Strassen. It offers several shopping galleries with multiple fashion labels, shoes, leather goods, sport and leisure, food and beverage, beauty, jewelry, decoration , optics, … and restoration (see the website).

Supermarket Cora. Department store Bram.e.

A childcare center – Kannergeartchen LILABI – between 2 and 8 years old located in the City Concorde is very practical to have your children look after while doing your shopping (3 € / half an hour): T. +352 25 21 41 ( Mon-Sat, 9 am-6pm)

The recent expansions of this shopping centre, which has increased its retail space from 45,000 to 50,000 m², aim to promote the new “City Concorde, Life-style Center” concept, in particular through some twenty additional stores, including a Tango boutique, a 180 m² panoramic roof terrace with a bar/restaurant on the 2nd floor.

With its hundred or so shops, City Concorde strengthens its offer and becomes a real place for living, relaxing and leisure for the whole family, in competition with the city centre of Luxembourg. Office space is available for independent professionals.

Opening some Sundays (see website)

American wash for washing cars on the parking lot of more than 2,000 places (open on Sunday mornings with reduced rates)

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  • 80, rte de Longwy
    8080 Bertrange

  • +352 44 93 99-1