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The Schueberfouer is THE great fair of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. It usually runs from the last week of August (St. Bartholomew) to mid-September.

Originally authorized by Jean l’Aveugle, Count of Luxembourg, in 1340, this fair was allowed to promote economically Luxembourg, ideally located between Flanders and Italy, highly developed trade actors at the time. During the period of the fair, merchants were fully protected and allowed to trade. If the cattle trade developed later, it was with the industrial era that the first attractions appeared.

From its purely commercial origin, the Schueberfouer has evolved into the biggest fair in the Greater Region and attracts 2 million visitors each year to the Glacis, in the Limperstberg district in Luxembourg.

Traditionally, the “Fouer” is announced in the streets of the city by a parade of musicians performing the “Hämmelsmarsch” (sheep market). A sheep “Lämmy” is also the mascot of the Schueberfouer. You can buy Lämmy plusch on the spot or find it on the different items sold at the fair.

Every year, there are more than 260 attractions for young and old, including the traditional Big wheel and other thrilling rides, confectionery stalls and stalls of local specialties such as Fouerfësch, whiting cooked in the brewer’s yeast, specific food of the Schueberfouer. Every year, new rides delight visitors and families who return there each year.

Allée Scheffer welcomes a number of small shops that will sell you all sorts of things.

A mobile application “Schueberfouer” can be downloaded on the site and will enable you to locate easily refreshments and snacks, drinking water stations or toilets. You will also be informed of special days and the agenda on the duration of the event. 

The Schueberfouer is a must event of life in Luxembourg! Do not miss this great fair in Luxembourg: see Schueberfouer, for more information!

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