Private school Sainte Sophie

The Sainte Sophie Catholic and Multicultural Private School in Luxembourg-Weimershof welcomes children from 4 to 19 years old, of all nationalities.

School accredited by the French Ministry of Education. Partner institution of AEFE, Agency for French Education Abroad.

The Ecole Privée Sainte Sophie in Luxembourg-Weimershof offers 2 parallel school courses:

  • Luxembourg school system with a fundamental primary school and a Luxembourg vocational high school. In the French school system, children are welcomed from 3 years (small section of kindergarten) to 11 years (CM2).
  • French schooling, from the nursery school to the high school (caution, the classes open gradually). French college bi-language. Classes from sixth to third french system.

Registrations are open in January for the next school year.

Warning: if your child comes from the Luxembourg school system, and if you want to see him join the French College Sainte-Sophie, he must have completed the 6 years of basic school.

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