Notre-Dame Sainte Sophie primary and secondary school

Located in the Luxembourg-Weimershof district, the Sainte Sophie multicultural Private School in Luxembourg welcomes children from 4 to 19 years old, of all nationalities and confessions. It proposes 2 parallel school systems, French and Luxembourgish.

  • Luxembourg school system with a fundamental  school and a secondary school
  • French school system with a French kindergarten, an elementary school and a French college. Attention classes of college / high school open progressively.

French school kindergarten, primary and college

The French School Sainte-Sophie is open since 2007, is approved by the French Ministry of Education and is a partner institution of the AEFE, Agency for French Education Abroad. It has 600 students. In this French school system, children attend school from 3 years (small kindergarten section) to 11 years (CM2) and strictly learn the French National Education programs.  Learning German is done from the small section.

In the continuity of the French primary school, the French college Sainte-Sophie offers a French education for a possible reintegration of students in a French high school or college in case of return to France or departure to another country offering a French education. The multiculturalism and multilingualism of Luxembourg offers appropriate conditions for learning of German and English languages ​​from the 6th class. One hour per week is dedicated to learning the language and culture of Luxembourg.

Registrations are open in January for the next school year.

Warning: if your child comes from the Luxembourg school system, and if you want him to join the French College Sainte-Sophie, he must have completed the 6 years of luxembourgish fundamental school.

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Fundamental school and general secondary education in Luxembourg

Sainte-Sophie offers a fundamental Luxembourgish education during the 6 primary years, from class 2.1 to class 4.2.

Subsequently, students can continue the Luxembourg secondary education in Sainte Sophie high school, from the 7th general class (7G) to the 1st general (1G).

The pupils of the Luxembourgish system number 300.

Both education are fully in line with the Luxembourgish programs under the supervision of the Ministry of National Education.

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Students in both school systems, french and luxembourgish, benefit from cross-curricular exchanges. Extracurricular activities and a vacation supervision are offered to the students of the Ecole Sainte-Sophie.

Chaplaincy is also present, allowing students to participate in Christian events and festivals.

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Notre-Dame Sainte Sophie Luxembourg

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    1269 Luxembourg-Weimershof

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