Schéiwisschen Park Luxembourg-Merl

Scheiwisschen Park is known as the “Castle Park” and is located near the Merl and Belair. districts.

This children’s playground consists of a large castle that looks like a real fairytale castle with a keep, knights and small farm animals in the village. Completely renovated, it will delight your children who will be able to climb it, cross the monkey bridges,… at the risk of sometimes having to rescue them in narrow passages not intended for adults!

Your children can even enjoy the swings nearby.

Picnic areas to enjoy the sunny days with the family.

Attention: no free public toilets, no possibility to buy a snack on the spot.

Going out and having fun with children in Luxembourg

Categorie(s):   Green park

  • 61, r. Charlemagne
    1328 Luxembourg-Merl