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Are you moving to Luxembourg and looking for a place in a crèche or day care centre for your child? We have places available. Contact us for more information!

Our structures are approved by the Ministry of National Education, Children and Youth and are CSA providers. We accept Home Service Vouchers. Part of the childcare costs are covered by the state, depending on your income.

Educational principles and positive pedagogy at Rockids

Rockids day care centres provide a caring environment for children aged 0 to 12 years. Our facilities are conducive to their development and growth.

Our educators are qualified. We train them in our principles of positive education. They ensure that the personality and rhythm of each child is respected. The Rockids education teams enthusiastically look after the well-being of each child on a daily basis. By offering a variety of activities, they help the child to become independent and open to the world. Reassured in his learning, the child develops his identity.

Thanks to the parent workshops, families can also play a role in this educational project. We share with parents the pleasure of education.

Rockids daycare centres – For children aged 0 to 4 years

Our nurseries promote free motor skills and emotional security for children. We help them to develop their autonomy. We offer two types of facilities: the Montessori by Rockids nurseries and the Rockids nurseries.

Montessori daycare by Rockids

Our “MONTESSORI by ROCKIDS” day care centres offer support for children in accordance with the pedagogical principles developed by Maria Montessori.

The Nido 0-2 year olds and the 2-3 and 3-4 year olds’ community encourage development. The children find spaces for individual development, play and learning.

Each Montessori environment accompanies the natural development of the child, through a specific environment. MONTESSORI by ROCKIDS” daycare centres offer modern facilities in new or completely renovated structures. The material made available to the children is in accordance with the fundamental principles of Montessori pedagogy.

Find our Montessori by Rockids nurseries in Leudelange and Dudelange 3.

Rockids Daycare

Rockids daycare centres offer facilities for every age group. The professional furniture is playful and colourful. Designed in a Montessori spirit, our structures encourage the development and the blooming of the children. They are encouraged to learn autonomy and to choose their own activities.

More specifically, the 0-2 years reception areas contribute to the discovery and promotion of free motor skills.

The spaces designed for 2 to 4 year olds prepare children for their next entry into school. The pedagogical material provided allows each student to learn the first intellectual notions at his own pace.

Find our Rockids daycare centers in Strassen 2 and Strassen 3, Mamer, Luxembourg-Gare, Dudelange 1, Esch 1 and 2 and Kayl.

Rockids day care centres – For children aged 4 to 12

Rockids offers day care for school children. We welcome them before or after school hours and during the school holidays.

Our day care centres are a continuation of our day care centres. They offer a benevolent support, in a positive pedagogical approach.

Our educators encourage the development of each individual’s identity. Large games invite the development of the imagination and freedom of movement. Meetings and sharing are at the heart of the projects. We organize thematic activities on a weekly basis. We offer outings during the school holidays.

Our homes also offer transfer of children to and from local schools. We serve the basic schools, the European School, Sainte Sophie, the French School Vauban, …

Back at home after school, the children receive homework help. Once their homework is done, they can relax with their friends before going home.

You will find our day care centres in Mamer and Dudelange 1 (mixed crèche and home), Luxembourg- Rollingergrund, Dudelange 2, Rumelange and Niederkorn.

Our equipment and specific activities

Each nursery has a playful, original and exceptional equipment. Find Snoezelen rooms for sensory exploration and relaxation. Aromatic walls and vegetable gardens allow the discovery of new scents and the awakening to nature.

Each of our facilities also has a landscaped exterior or garden. The facilities and equipment available encourage the development of psychomotor skills through play and experimentation.

Group or individual activities are designed by our educators. The objective is to allow children to open up to the world and to develop their learning in complete confidence.

International or Luxembourgish traditions are also honoured with festive days and animations on different themes.

Activities in local partnerships offer children the opportunity to broaden their horizons. We collaborate with libraries and media libraries. We take advantage of nearby sports and leisure facilities or organize more specific exchanges.


Luxembourg is a multicultural country with many nationalities. We welcome children of all cultures to our nurseries and homes.

We adhere to the multilingual education programme developed by the Luxembourg government. Children from 1 to 4 years of age benefit from 20 hours of free instruction in French and Lëtzebuergësch.

We also practice the mother tongues as much as possible. In addition to the standard multilingual integration program, we offer foreign families the integration of their native languages. Exchanges will be carried out in French, Luxembourgish, Portuguese, English, German, Norwegian, etc. depending on the structure.

Food and meals

The well-being of children also depends on their diet. Our kitchens prepare daily, from fresh products, meals adapted to the nutritional maturity of the children. They can taste new flavours and discover new dishes.

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