Bionext, medical analysis laboratory

Bionext, medical analysis laboratory in Luxembourg

BIONEXT is a 100% Luxembourg based laboratory. Thanks to the various sampling centers throughout Luxembourg, you can take a blood sample, a medical sample or a COVID-19 test throughout the Grand Duchy.

Medical samples with or without appointment

without an appointment at one of our laboratories and collection centers. You can find a list of sampling centers at

by appointment at home, at work or at any address in Luxembourg . You can make an appointment for your medical samples on

This mobility service offers you a first-class comfort of life, because we care about your health. To do this, we rely on the network of nurses and home care services.

In addition, you benefit from an optimal proximity service and quality medical care.

In order to make your collections even easier and to save precious time, Bionext is making a new mobile center available to the Luxembourg population. LABOMOBILE will be touring different towns and villages in the Grand Duchy.

Save time for your Covid tests

With BioneXtLab, you can save time for your Covid tests. Are you a resident or a border worker? Do you or do you not have a prescription for a Covid test? Whether it is for a PCR test, a quick-PCR, a serological test, an antigenic test, register in advance and save time for your test.

Choose your collection center and register. Pay for the test if you do not have a prescription. Then, go to the center with the downloaded QR code. You perform the test and receive the results directly, in real time, in your myLAB® space.

Your EU-DCC certificates can also be downloaded here.

Analysis results 7 days a week, 24 hours a day

The analysis results can then be consulted in real time using the myLAB® service.

This service is accessible from the “myLAB® Space” website of the BIONEXT laboratory or by using the myLAB® smartphone application. This one is downloadable in mobile version on iOS and Android.

In addition, the myLAB® service allows you to retrieve all your medical test results, including those performed by other laboratories, via myDSP, the shared care record.

Tel. : 27321

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