Parc Le’h Adventures Accropark

Le’h Park is an accropark located in Dudelange. Several tree climbing courses (7) in the trees for all levels and ages, the bambini course for toddlers (children over 2, the child must walk), the course with chills to 17 meters in height maximum for the more adventurous.

According to the climbing courses, beginner, family or competition (double course), you will find more than 100 workshops and face nets to climb, zip lines, monkey bridges, tarzans and even a free fall … all entirely secure , and continue ziplines for courses open to children. One of the courses is reputed to be one of the most challenging in Europe.

Group travel booking supervised by a facilitator by phone. Possibility of team building.

Activity ideal for children in big heat thanks to the shade and the freshness of the trees.

Open in winter the W-E in good weather! Consult the website in advance for more information on timetables (the park is closed in case of bad weather).

Very good restaurant on site in the park.

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  • 203, r. du Parc
    3542 Dudelange


  • +352 29 82 95 55