Naturata bio supermarkets

Naturata Luxembourg is a network of 11 points of sale of products exclusively made from organic crops and often bearing the Demeter label, organic and biodynamic products provided by BIOGROS.

But beyond the organic markets and other retail stores, Naturata is also the story of an association of farmers and horticulturists who have been joined by other people keen to develop organic crops for high quality production, and willing to establish exchanges between producers and consumers. This is how the BIOG cooperative was born in 1988, the BIOG trademark and the BIOGROS wholesaler. These entities collaborate together with Naturata in an economic community OIKOPOLIS.

Markets and organic foods, cleaning products and cosmetics

Naturata has developped partnership with many local producers. You will find 11 points of sale open from Monday to Saturday, including Marnach also open on Sundays. These organic supermarkets offer fruit and vegetable departments, butchers, cheese shops, bakeries, dairy products, wines and cosmetics.

The range is complemented by natural cosmetics and cleaning products.

Restaurant and cafe bio Munsbach

The site of Munsbach in the industrial area offers a bio-restaurant coffee opened in the morning for organic gourmet breakfasts or lunches. Take-away service.

Do you like eating organic? Discover our selection of local markets and producers.

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