Naturpark Öewersauer, tourism in the Luxembourg Ardennes

Natural park of the Haute-Sûre

The Nature Park of the Haute-Sûre, or Naturpark Öewersauer in Luxembourgish, is a beautiful wooded and agricultural region, with many differences in altitude. It is the first Natural Park of Luxembourg.

The nature park of the Haute-Sûre belongs to the Eisleck region, in the northwest of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

The nature park of the Haute-Sûre allows the practice of a family tourism, in the open air, in the wooded region of the Ardennes.

The hikes in the park of the Haute-Sûre

The Naturpark Öewersauer offers the opportunity for fabulous hiking and biking on well-developed trails.

The park covers a territory of more than 160 km2, very rich in landscape diversity. Hikers will be able to walk through forested highlands and explore natural valleys. Hikers can walk more than 700 km of marked trails.

Visitors can discover all the riches of the region along the hiking trails.

Admire in particular the village of Esch-sur-Sûre, nestled in the meanders of the Haute-Sûre, overhung by a ruined manor.

Activities in the Upper Sûre region

The Park House will give you all the information about the Natural Park and the activities in the area.

located in an old drapery, you can visit the museum dedicated to the manufacture of fabric. An interactive exhibition allows you to better understand the region and its natural beauties.

You can also buy regional products.

A mobile application on the Natural Park will allow you to know all the useful information and activities to practice there. Among other things, you will find an adventure park in Heiderscheid.

Camping areas are available for tourists.

The lake of Haute-Sûre and its nautical base of Lultzhausen

In the center of the Natural Park, the artificial lake of the Haute-Sûre provides drinking water to the majority of the Luxembourg territory. Since the 1950s, a dam has cut the bed of the Upper Sûre River, creating an artificial lake.

Today, many water sports can be practiced on the lake of the Haute-Sûre.

You can swim in the lake at different places like Lultzhausen, Insenborn, Baschleiden or Liefrange. Swimming is regulated and supervised.

The Lultzhausen water sports base, which opened in May 2012, is now completely renovated. It offers visitors modern and efficient sports equipment.

Many courses and water activities are available for water sports enthusiasts.

Solar boat in Inselborn

On reservation, discover on board this solar boat the fauna and flora of the lake of the Haute-Sûre.

The walk lasts 2 hours. During the water ride, a stop is made to visit the Forest Discovery Center.

A tour of the lake will complete this ecological excursion.

Aquarium Wasserbillig

On the banks of the river Sûre, in the north of Luxembourg, the aquarium of Wasserbillig is home to many species of freshwater fish. Discover with your children a colorful underwater world.

The aquarium in Wasserbillig is a good complement to the discovery of the Upper Sûre region.

Outdoor games allow you to extend the visit for the greatest pleasure of your children.

Catering is possible, especially on the terrace.

Please note the opening hours. The Aquarium is closed in December and January.

Have you ever visited the natural park of the Our? This park, also located in the Eislek region, offers beautiful hiking and many other activities.

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