National Youth Service – SNJ

Created in 1964 by a ministerial regulation in order to meet the demand of young people and associations, the National Youth Service is a public service whose main missions are the implementation of youth policy and the organization of educational programs for youth.

The SNJ has 4 main missions:

  • training and support for educational projects and activities with youth
  • reception in educational centers focused on media, sports or sustainable development
  • support in the transition of young people to working life through local branches, alternative solutions to avoid inactivity and international mobility (voluntary service, working vacation visa or au-pair reception). Upon their arrival in Luxembourg, au-pairs must attend an information session with the SNJ. In French or English, this meeting reminds them of the rights and duties of an au pair and also allows them to meet other au pairs. Learn more about au-pair work in Luxembourg.

A contact organization in non-formal education, the SNJ also organizes many leisure activities, including summer camps. as well as training for young people in partnership with associations. At  from 6 years old. Luxembourgish language for most of the activities.

The SNJ website is a mine of information for young people. You will find all the links to sites dedicated to youth, as well as activity programs and camps or training.

Learn more about internships, camps and summer camps

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