National Museum of Luxembourgish Iron Mines – MNM Rumelange

You will discover at the National Museum of Iron Mines Luxembourg Rumelange the mining past of Luxembourg and the exploitation of iron ore in the southern region from the middle of the 19th century until the 1980s.

You can also visit an iron mine which you access by small train. You enter the mine, helmet on your head, on a small train and then visit the underground galeries, the tour lasts 1 hr 30, at 10 to 12° C, so don’t forget to bring a woolly jumper! Former miners are your guides

Ask about schedules, the museum has different schedules depending on the season.

Take the opportunity to visit Minett Park to explore the history of iron mines by steam train!

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  • Carreau de la Mine Walert
    r. de la Bruyère
    3714 Rumelange

  • +352 56 56 88