National Library of Luxembourg

Created in 1798, the National Library of Luxembourg is a public library, open to all and is currently located in Luxembourg-Center, close to the Cathedral. You will find in the national library all publications published in Luxembourg (legal deposit of Luxembourg) or abroad referring to the Grand Duchy, whatever the field. Since its creation, the BNL has been the reference library for scientific books and research.

This is where you will find all the publications on Luxembourg, in the form of printed or digital media. Numerous reading rooms with computers, scanners and printers, as well as a media library are available to visitors. Access to precious reserves and other rare books is possible by prior appointment. An international loan service provides access to documents not available on the network, linking 57 libraries in the country.

The BNL also organizes conferences or exhibitions on various topics to make it a real cultural meeting place.

Anyone can join the library for free. However, home loans are only available to persons aged 14 or over, living in Luxembourg or neighboring regions or studying at a higher education institution approved by the Luxembourg State.

Since 1982, a service of Bicherbus, or library on wheels, serves a hundred cities and villages in Luxembourg, at a rate of once a week. 

A new site for the library is being built at Kirchberg on Kennedy Avenue, close to Bibliothèque Nationale tram stop. This new building is expected to be delivered by the end of 2018.

Free WIFI.

Open Tuesday to Friday, from 10h to 19h and Saturday from 9h to 12h.

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  • 37, bd F.-D. Roosevelt
    2450 Luxembourg-Centre

  • +352 22 97 55-1