National Audiovisual Center – NAC Dudelange

Entirely dedicated to audiovisual expression, the mission of the National Audiovisual Center in Dudelange is to the protect and enhance Luxembourg’s audiovisual and photographic heritage.

This place offers many possibilities: access to exhibitions and media library, film and documentary screenings, photographic laboratories, image and audiovisual documents storage for the preservation of the memory of Luxembourg heritage, public or school groups trainings.

The NAC also maintains the national archives in the audiovisual and photographic field. It is a must for photography and cultural programming.

An e-shop allows you to buy online DVDs, books, audio CDs, tickets for shows or workshops.


One Saturday per month, the CNA organises photography’s workshops for children between 6 and 14 years.

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  • 1B, r. du Centenaire
    3475 Dudelange



  • +352 52 24 24-1