Museum Dräi Eechelen Fort Thungen Luxembourg

What is left of the Fort Thüngen, known under the name “Dräi Eechelen” (three acorns) has undergone some serious renovation over the past few years. Partially knocked down in 1867, the remains of the fort have been updated, restored and rebuilt to house the Dräi Eechelen museum.

With over 700 objects the history of the fortress and its impact on national history is shown on the ground floor, as well as an interactive data base. The 1st casemate, home to the information centre of the Vauban circuit also houses a shop and cafeteria.

The 1st floor has an auditorium and a temporary exhibition centre.

Mon., Thu., Fri., Sat. and Sun., 10 am-6 pm
Wed., 10 am-8 pm
Closed on Tuesday

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