Mental Health Centre

The Luxembourgish Mental Health Centre offers psychological and psychiatric consultations by appointment for adults within the framework of the Luxembourg League of Mental Hygiene (D’Ligue) in operation since 1956.

This free service is offered to adults suffering from psycho-social disorders, depression, personality disorders, anxiety attacks… following a trauma or not.

In addition to psychotherapeutic consultations for individuals, couples or families, the service also provides employment support for asylum seekers in conjunction with the Red Cross and Mateneen, the Grand Duchess Charlotte’s National Relief Organization.

Medical-social-therapeutic treatments are offered as day services, easily accessible by patients in order to promote psycho-social rehabilitation. Meeting areas are also available on Route de Longwy or Rue du Fort Bourbon every day except Tuesdays.

The League is a structure whose vocation is above all humanistic and based on scientific references. The objective is to keep patients in their usual environment and not to remove them from their environment by placing them in psychiatric centres. However, therapeutic accommodation may be made available, up to a maximum of 100 places, in various facilities corresponding to the patient’s needs.

To help it in its action against mental illness, the League calls for donations.

More information on the Luxembourg League of Mental Hygiene.

A Mental Health Week is also proposed from 7 to 12 October 2018 as part of the National Plan for Suicide Prevention 2015-2019 in several cities in Luxembourg. For more information, visit

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