school platform is an interactive web platform that allows future students to easily find the Luxembourgish high school to continue his/her secondary or higher education, or the professional training corresponding to his/her profile and expectations. was created on the initiative of the Ministry of Education, Children and Youth and lists all Luxembourgish or international secondary education high schools. An interactive map with a filter system makes it possible to quickly choose the appropriate high school, based on wishes and situate it on a Luxembourg map.

The tool is a real guide for students and allows them to find their way more easily through Luxembourg’s wide range of secondary schools. It is particularly appropriate for:

  • school age children who moved to Luxembourg,
  • children leaving fundamental education who have to join secondary education,
  • high school student who have to make higher education course choices.

A detailed description is made for each school you choose: profile of the high school, partners and associations, school life and culture, activities and support, educational counselling. The description allows parents and students to be guided more easily as they are going to choose their future school

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