Lycée Athénée, IB School and classical secondary education

Founded in 1817, Lycée Athénée de Luxembourg is a luxembourgish classical secondary school. The Athénée has also been certified IB World School since 2010 and offers English bilingual students preparation for an International Baccalaureate (IB).

Highly requested, it offers all classes from 7th to 1st and all sections.

To study at the Lycée Athénée, Luxembourgish is compulsory for a better integration. Regarding admission, applications are made in January but are accepted until September. Each request is treated individually.

Admission to the international section is based on excellent knowledge of the English language and successful completion of language and mathematics admission tests. Different tests are required depending on age and class of entry. All subjects are taught in English except French and Luxembourgish. Please refer to the website of the Athénée school in Luxembourg for any further information.

Lycée Athénée is very involved in humanitarian and European projects. The Athénée is part of the Ambassadors Schools of the European Parliament.

Many personalities like Jean Asselborn, minister, Joseph Barthel, Olympic champion and minister, Robert Schuman founder of Europe, are former students of Lycée Athénée.

The students of the Athénée pursue their higher education in the field of law, medicine, ….

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