Central of the youth hostels in Luxembourg

Staying in youth hostels

Many youth hostels are available throughout the Grand Duchy. To find a youth hostel in Luxembourg, whether you are an individual traveler, a family or a group, contact the Luxembourg Youth Hostel Central.

The facilities are simple, but very comfortable and the structures are very well maintained. The prices are also very interesting and far from the prices charged in hotels.

Sports facilities, hiking

Whether you are a sports team, a school group or even a professional team and want to do a team-building seminar, think of the youth hostels in Luxembourg. They have multiple sports structures and facilities.

  • to the north: Beaufort (indoor playground, bowling), Echternach (climbing wall, trampolines), Hollenfels, Larochette, Lultzhausen (indoor playground), Vianden to enjoy the castle
  • in the center : Luxembourg-City. The Luxembourg City Youth Hostel is located in the picturesque Pfaffenthal district at the foot of the Bock Castle ruins. A shuttle service is available to reach the city center.
  • in the south: Esch-sur-Alzette, Remerschen/Schengen.

Hiking, sports activities such as mountain biking or racing, climbing, trampoline are offered in the different youth hostels.

During the summer season, from Easter to the end of October, you can take advantage of low-cost packages to enjoy the marked trails connecting the various youth hostels and discover the beautiful Luxembourg countryside.

Sports and language camps

Did you know that you can also book summer camps for your children in the different youth hostels in Luxembourg? Choose your theme: language reinforcement camp or sports camp.

With its partner Berlitz, you can book language camps in English, French or German.

If you opt for sports camps, the Youth Hostels work with the Sports Department of the City of Luxembourg and offer mountain biking, water sports at the base of Lultzhausen or Remerschen, horseback riding in Luxembourg and climbing in Echternach.

Organization of children’s birthdays

Don’t have the space to host your children ‘s friends and classmates at your home to celebrate their birthdays?

The youth hostels also offer entertainment to celebrate children’s birthdays. The youth hostels offer their facilities to organize a children’s birthday party. All the logistics of the birthday party can be provided on site.

Choose the birthday formula with or without animation. On reservation.

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