Luxembourg Youth Hostels

Central Luxembourg Youth Hostel to find an accomodation

To find a Youth Hostel in Luxembourg, whether you are an individual traveler, a family or a group, please contact the Central Hostel Luxembourgeoises.

Many hostels are available throughout the Grand Duchy. The youth hostel in Luxembourg-City is located in the picturesque Pfaffenthal area at the foot of the Bock castle. A shuttle bus is available to drop you in town.

Hikes, sports activities, child birthdays or even holiday camps are also available.

Visiting Luxembourg

Birthday parties

Don’t have the space at home to organise the birthday party of your child?

Then contact the Luxembourg youth hostels as they have rooms available. You can choose with or without entertainment, but you need to reserve.

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  • 2, r. du Fort Olisy
    2261 Luxembourg-Pfaffenthal

  • +352 26 27 66 200