LEO, electricity and gas city of Luxembourg

LEO Luxembourg

LEO, Luxembourg Energy Office SA, is an energy, electricity and gas supplier for the City of Luxembourg. It was created in 2003, following the liberalisation of the European markets for electricity and gas. Since 2010, LEO has been part of the ENOVOS group.

Environmentally friendly, LEO has been supplying all its customers with green electrical energy since 2011: “Naturstroum”. “Nova naturstroum” supplies more than two-thirds of its electricity locally.

Similarly, LEO has been supplying its customers with natural gas since 2012 “Naturgas”. “Nova natur gas” is a natural organic gas produced locally from the fermentation of different biological masses.

All energy operations can be managed online thanks to the e-connect service, including when you move to cancel your electricity or gas subscriptions.

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