Portuguese and Cape Verdean communities

Camoes Institute cultural cente

The objective of the Camoes Institute is Portuguese cooperation and the promotion of Portuguese culture in the world. Present in nearly 80 countries on all continents, the Camoes Institute is also present in Luxembourg.
You will find a Portuguese Library in Luxembourg-Center in the premises of the Camoes Institute, Boulevard Royal in Luxembourg. You have the opportunity to order the books you are looking for.
Portuguese classes are also offered on site and in e-learning.

More information: www.instituto-camoes.pt or on the facebook page. 

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Amitié Portugal-Luxembourg ASBL

The ASBL Amitié Portugal Luxembourg (Luxembourg – Portugal Friendship) exists since 1969 in Luxembourg and aims to develop relations between the Lusophone population in Luxembourg and Luxembourgers. Today, given the development of immigration in Luxembourg, the association wants to be intercultural and intergenerational.

The association has developed among others a library and an associative library in many languages.

More information: www.amitie.lu

Confederation of the Portuguese Community in Luxembourg CCPL

Created in 1991, the Confederation of the Portuguese Community in Luxembourg aims to be the rallying point of the various Portuguese organizations and associations in Luxembourg.
The objective is the integration and the conduct of social actions. The CCPL conducts many projects, including a training center for adults in very diverse fields (language courses, economics, photography, informatics, etc.) and a psychosocial and legal support desk.

More information: ccpl.lu

Spencer Committee Association

ASBL Committee Spencer works for the integration of the small Cape Verdean community in Luxembourg as well as for the promotion of Cape Verdean culture and its traditions.
In addition, the association also carries out actions in order to fight against discrimination, racism and violence. it organizes Marches for Peace. One of the key objectives aims also at reducing the number of school failure for young people of Cape Verdean immigrant origin in Luxembourg. The development of Cape Verde is also one of the driving forces of the association.

More information: spencer committee.

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