Info-Handicap information centre

The Info-Handicap service located in Luxembourg-Gare is the National Center for Disability Information and Meeting, and the National Disability Council.

Under contract with the Ministry of Family and Integration, its main mission is:

  • to answer any question concerning disability in Luxembourg
  • to inform and guide people with disabilities and their families, including any legal issues questions
  • to raise public awareness of disability issues, including through training
  • to promote accessibility for people with disabilities in Luxembourg.

Information and awareness documents are available on the website, including a comprehensive Handicap Guide to find answers to disability-related questions in all everyday life situations: child, school, work, financial assistance, housing, transport, legal framework.

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Categorie(s):   Medical profession

  • 65, av. de la Gare
    1611 Luxembourg

  • +352 36 64 66-1