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House of Orientation

The Maison de l’Orientation is a one-stop public service that brings together in one place all the services and authorities that help young people to get their bearings in school, student and professional life in the Grand Duchy.

By identifying their centers of interest and helping them to define their abilities and skills, this professional and educative Orientation Center allows young people to find professional training in line with their profile and therefore support them concretely in their employment research process and orientation.

These main actors are present in the House of Orientation

Mon-Fri, 8h30-12h and 13h-17h

More information on education and school support for foreign children

Categorie(s):   National Education
  • 58, bd G.-D. Charlotte
    1330 Luxembourg-Belair

  • +352 8002-8181 (numéro gratuit / free call)