French nursery and primary school Charlemagne Walferdange

Ecole Charlemagne is a French nursery school and primary school located in the town of Walferdange with a teaching and methodologies of classic type in a family spirit. The establishment is not approved by the French National Education.

The school welcomes children from the small section of kindergarten to CM2 on the model of the French school. The number of pupils in each class is limited, some classes are dual level with a small number of students (15 students).

Full details of the school’s operations and rules are on the website: student dress code, school charter,…

The school should move in September 2018/2019, due to the end of the lease in Walferdange.

Other French schools are at your disposal in Luxembourg: the Vauban campus and the Sainte Sophie Private School approved by the French National Education, as well as the European School. More information about international schools in Luxembourg


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  • Edupôle – Walferdange (Bâtiment IX) – Route de Diekirch – L-7220 Walferdange

  • +352 26 80 08 00