French associations and culture in Luxembourg

The french community is the second largest foreign community in Luxembourg.

UFE, the association for the French living abroad

The association of French people abroad is a must for all French living abroad. Its goal ? Inform French expatriates about their rights and facilitate their daily lives abroad with information, tips and personalized advice.  Created in 1927 and led by volunteers, the Union des Français de l’Etranger is now present in more than 100 countries.

A great help if you want to leave France, or come back

Are you French and live or want to move abroad? UFE is a real gold mine in terms of advice and information.

With a lot of information and many useful resources for the French wishing to move to another country, the UFE is able to do everything possible to help you prepare your departure (or your return) in the best conditions.
Do you have questions about the pension, the administrative formalities, the employment or the school system of your host country? The UFE informs you and directs you to the appropriate people to support you in your research.

Everyday activities and support in your expatriation

The association does not only support you on your arrival abroad or when you leave, it is primarily an active community that wants to be present daily in the life of its French expatriate members.

For this reason, the UFE regularly organizes information, cultural and sports activities in a friendly atmosphere. In case of a glitch, or if you need help to solve a problem once installed in your host country, the association is also available to help you.

To be kept informed of all the organized activities and to exchange with the members, go to the Facebook page of UFE Monde of the association or on the website of the Union des Français de L’Etranger.

French Institute in Luxembourg

The Institut Français in Luxembourg’s mission is to spread the influence of France and French culture in Luxembourg (and around the world).

Cultural events related to French culture are regularly organized by the French Institute, related to arts such as theater, cinema or music for example, with the exhibition of works and French productions.

In addition, French courses are organized by the Institut Français with French-speaking teachers.

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