Kockelscheuer and Hamm forest

Do you know that the City of Luxembourg offers beautiful walks and fitness trails in its communal forests, in the immediate vicinity of the city?

For the Kockelscheuer area, the main access is near the  ice rink of the same name (line 18 of the bus). Browse the woods on foot or even mountain bike. The trail at the edge of the pond is suitable for strollers. There are barbecue and picnic areas and a small playground. A 2.75 km fitness trail awaits you with 14 apparatus.

Sector of Hamm / Bonnevoie,, you will find several walks including Circuit Godchaux of 2km, witness of the industrial past of Luxembourg. By following it, you will discover in the hollow of the Valley of the Alzette, from Bonnevoie to Hamm, the industrial past of Luxembourg with, among others, Villa Godchaux, the Atelier Schlaifmillen and the former working class neighborhoods of Rue Godchaux.

The circuit of Ecureuil proposes 5.3 km with departure near the crematorium of Hamm and the circuit of Lime 6.9 km with starting points located on the lines 5 or 6 of bus side Bonnevoie, on the line of bus n ° 15 Hamm side, line 7 or 29 Pulvermühl side. Two courses of 2.9 km (18 apparatus) and 2.6 km (13 apparatus) are also available on the Bonnevoie side for the 1st and Cents / Neudorf for the 2nd one.

Do you know the Bambesch forest north of the City of Luxembourg? Other walks and sports courses await you there.

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