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Flex carsharing by CFL Luxembourg

FLEX Carsharing by CFL Mobility

FLEX Carsharing is an offer from CFL Mobility, a company wholly owned by the CFL group. CFL Mobility was founded in 2017, is headquartered in Wasserbillig and currently employs 17 people.

The FLEX car-sharing offer consists of 60 stations throughout the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, with more than 110 modern vehicles of various sizes – ranging from the electric BMW Mini to the Seat Leon station wagon and 7 Fiat Talento vans. Thanks to the strategic location of the stations, customers benefit from an innovative solution that combines the advantages of public transport with those of individual transport when needed. The offer is aimed at private customers as well as self-employed people and companies who want a flexible and non-binding mobility solution.

How does FLEX WORK?

The FLEX car-sharing offer is based on a simple idea: you only pay for the time reserved and per kilometer driven, whether for private or professional use.

FLEX is a station-based carsharing model. There are fixed stations where vehicles are available. The cars can be booked 24/7 and can be used by customers according to their needs. All operating costs are included, including fuel, insurance, maintenance, repairs and a wide range of services.

What are the advantages of car sharing?

Studies have shown that carsharing services based on fixed stations reduce residents’ need for cars and parking spaces – these reductions are on the order of 8 to 12 vehicles per car available for carsharing. FLEX is therefore a sustainable solution for individual mobility in everyday life, not only because of the exclusive use of modern vehicles, but also because of the potential for reducing parking space and costs.

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