Discover Steam Engine train and iron mining in Luxembourg

Joanna Gizewska Polish ambassador for JUST ARRIVED, suggests a tour to the South of Luxembourg to discover the old steam engine train and an open air museum showing the history of iron mining in Luxembourg.

Despite its small size, Luxembourg offers a quite nice range of unusual and original activities. There is always something interesting to do and enjoy! Visit also the mining museum in Rumelange.

Steam engine train and iron mining in Fond-de-Gras

Minett Park Fond-de-gras LuxembourgFor example, if you are a Steam Engine fan and the only thing you thought you would regret while moving to Luxembourg was leaving your Steam Engine passion behind, there is good news for you!
Your “salvation” is called Minett Parc Fond-de-gras in the South of Luxembourg nearby Differdange.

Fond-de-gras is an open air museum showing the history of iron mining in Luxembourg from the end of 19th century. There are many attractions to enjoy like a trip with the mining train “Minièresbunn” on the narrow-gauge railway between Fond-de-gras and Lasauvage, exhibition space and the tourist attraction per se: the Train 1900.

Train Minier « Minièresbunn » Fond-de-Gras

Train journey through the old mine to the working-class village of Lasauvage.

The Train 1900 association’s collection includes a dozen steam and diesel engines! Lovingly restored and in a very good condition. Those historical trains are accessible for tourists every Sunday and on public holidays from 1 May till 25 September, when you can either take a vintage steam engine train from Fond-de-gras to Pétange (and back) or just visit the site and enjoy the oversized machines and nature with you family.

The official inauguration of this year’s season reminded me of the similar tradition in my country. On the Labour Day, celebrated on 1st May, the industrial regions of Poland are presenting with proud their steam engine trains and offering the first trips after a long winter. Very nostalgic indeed!

The special events organized by Minett Parc are Energy Kid’s Day in June or Anno 1900 Steampunk Convention Luxembourg at the end of September. Enjoy!

Joanna Gizewska, Polish ambassador for the JUST ARRIVED ambassadors Club

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