Commercial zone Howald

The city of Howald in the municipality of Hespérange, on the outskirts of Luxembourg, offers a large commercial and industrial area along the rue des Scillas, the Rue des Bruyères and Rangwee.

Easily accessible by the highway and the Croix de Gasperich, you can find there many shops such as clothing, sports, home furnishings and decoration, pet shop, etc. as well as a Cactus supermarket,

Parking is free in front of each store. Very convenient for shopping quickly before picking up your children at the nearby Vauban school or on your return from work in the Cloche d’Or area.

The Howald shopping area is also famous for the presence of the Yoyo and Laser Game amusement parks, which are popular with children for organising birthdays or playing and having fun on rainy days….

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  • r. des Scillas
    2529 Howald