CMCM – Mutualist Medico-Complementary Fund

CMCM Health complementary Insurance Luxembourg

The CMCM at your side in a changing world

Our main concern is to accompany and help our affiliates in their medical and health problems. Our ambition is to maintain special relationships with all our affiliates and their families so that they can trust us. In an ever-changing world, it is important to be able to rely on these strong values. But it is equally important to evolve and innovate according to the needs of our members.

Benefits for young people

You have just started your professional life, you are having difficulty managing everyday life; employment, housing, health… Are you single and under 30? The CMCM thinks of you and offers you a 10% discount on all guarantees.

Get a health supplement at a price that takes into account your situation.

We accept everyone and the whole family

Anyone insured with a Luxembourg health insurance fund or a health insurance institution in the legal scheme of a neighbouring country can subscribe to the CMCM. At the CMCM, you are not asked for any questionnaires or medical examinations. No age-related exclusions or restrictions. You are not required to pay additional dues for your spouse and children.

CMCM Business Solutions, mutual health for all your employees

With CMCM’s Business offers, you put the health of your employees first. An entrepreneur with a long-term vision, you are sure to make a difference in the Luxembourg labour market, offering a very attractive salary package including the services of the health mutual CMCM Business Solutions for all your employees.

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