Chamber of Employees Luxembourg CSL

The Chamber of Employees or CSL is under the supervision of the Ministry of Labour and Employment. It includes all employees (employees or workers), apprentices and retired people working or having worked in Luxembourg.

In addition to its consultative missions for any law and grand-ducal regulation, the Chamber of Employees informs you of labour law in Luxembourg, the rights of the employee and delivers all information on health and well-being at work. It also appoints representatives to social security organisations.

One of the main missions of the CSL is also to train future employees and ensure current employees’s lifelong learning.

The Chamber of Employees, through the Luxembourg Lifelong Learning Center, offers a wide range of trainings (law, marketing, human sciences, finance, office automation and IT, etc.), in French, English or German, all leading to a certification approved by international universities.

Courses take place in different forms: seminars, evening classes – 224 modules and day classes, always by module.

More information about working  and lifelong learning in Luxembourg.

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